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Welcome to German Saddlery

World champions such as Markus Ehning and Olympic gold medallist Hubertus Schmidt are convinced that their choice of saddles played a crucial role in helping them to achieve their successes. At German Saddlery we believe that only saddles and riding accessories which are individually fitted and hand made are good enough for the horse and rider who are our customers.

astrid glindemann

You and your horse can benefit personally from my extensive experience in traditional craftsmanship gained from nearly 35 years of working for Passier – Germany’s leading saddlers.

Take advantage of my knowledge and skills, so that you too can acquire the perfect saddle and riding accessories for your horse and you.

Browse through our web pages and find out how you can own an individually designed and hand made Passier saddle especially made and finished to my own specifications and thus not available elsewhere.

The top quality saddles and accessories I sell are made only from the best quality raw materials which are carefully selected and chosen to give comfort to both the horse and rider and to last a lifetime.

This, together with a hands on approach in the measuring, production and aftercare, will ensure you receive many years of the perfect fit for horse and rider from my made-to-measure saddles and tack.

I am situated in Lower Saxony Germany but, no matter where you live in the world, a visit to measure your horse should be possible.

My first visit to you will involve yourself, your horse and the fitting of test saddles. All test fittings and measurements are carried out by myself.

Sincerely yours
Astrid Glindemann

Individual Passier saddles

Passier Tailored Saddles

Is it possible to improve the worldwide acknowledged best saddles? The answer is clear: relating to a certain horse and a certain rider, absolutely yes.

The Passier saddle is, due to its flexible tree and the stageless adjustable forged gullet, the perfect basis for the manufacture of „THE“ tailored saddle for horse and rider. A saddle crafted for the future. Each Passier saddle is so well conceived that you are able to adapt it for your next horse (and, of course, in case your present horse alters).

Have a browse around at ours in a personal atmosphere and allow us to advise you: there are numerous different models, styles and sizes from Passier in our speciality store. Together we can find the right combination for you and your horse.

The result: an individual made-to-measure Passier saddle is the optimum for every rider and of course for every horse. Rejoice for decades over a handmade masterpiece! Time and again my customers are thrilled at the riding improvements rendered possible by the tailored saddle, and not least, how good it feels for rider and horse.

And the cost? You would be surprised that your tailored saddle is not necessarily more expensive than a „ready-made“ model.

What does your dream saddle look like? Let’s discuss it!

New Passier saddles

Passier stands for quality saddles, bridles and accessories. When you buy a Passier product you receive the best that „made in Germany“ has to offer.

All Passier products are produced from only top quality raw materials and during their production undergo stringent Quality Control. Garanteed Quality for life long riding pleasure.

The special features of a Passier saddle:

  • With the speciality forged gullet plate Passier saddles can be perfectly fitted and when necessary adjusted to fit another horse.
  • Exclusive leather used for the seat is soft and slipfree.
  • Each model has a different seat form to offer maximum riding comfort.
  • Panels are filled with a synthetic material that has been proven to stay in form for many years. Extra gussets sewn into the panel increase the supporting surface on your horses back.
  • An exceptionally narrow twist ensures maximum contact between rider and horse.

We offer worldwide shipping. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any question.


Just as important as a good fitting saddle is the correct tack. We can supply the complete Passier range of bridles, saddle pads, care products, etc. and also improved many things which you can get exclusively at our shop.
Let us advise you on how a correctly fitting bridle etc. can improve your riding skills.